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Heading off [open to Ed]

For a brief moment, Jakotsu wondered to himself whether or not it might have been distracting - perhaps slightly horrifying for normal people - to the other students to hear him humming absent mindedly and glancing off in other directions whilst the ... decidedly grim display took place in front.

It certainly gained him a little attention.

But then so did quite a few things about him. His hair, for example. Something that looked as if it could have only been acheived using several pieces of wire. It was, of course, all down to an insane amount of hairspray. Jakotsu's hair alone could have been considered in violation of the Kyoto Protocol.

He blinked extensively when the whole thing was over and people started the mass exodus of the stage area. "Ooh, are we done?" he asked, in an entirely curious and unaffected tone, much to the suprised and/or digust of a few passing students. Hardly his fault, it was the only way he knew how to be.

Trying desperately hard to recall just where it was he was supposed to be next, the Kansai boy played absently with a stray piece of that distinctly eye-catching hair for a moment before shaking his head and turning to walk randomly in the opposite direction.

The opposite direction's exit, however, was lined with smattering of G-class students. Well, to most students it would be a "however". To Jakotsu, not so much.

For Jakotsu, it simply made his eyes light up as he spotted a certain adorable little metal psychic among the G-class members. He practically skipped across the rest of the way to the edge of the courtyard and grinned, chiming at the blonde boy "Edwa~rd!"
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Ed heaved a sigh of relief as the courtyard slowly emptied. No screw ups, no fights, no fainting. About as well as things could have gone. It was good. Failing was never good. Of course, there were still some hysterical new kids, but a couple of the older G-class students were heading that way. They'd take care of them. Lead them back to their rooms or something.

Stupid little kids. Hopefully this would shock some sense into them, get them to understand their position. He was just glad that he didn't have to deal with them.

He was just turning, ready to head back inside when a chimin voice called out his name. He turned, feeling the dread rush through his veins. Oh fuck. Not him!

He took a couple of steps back before forcing himself to stop. He was G-class, dammit! He was powerful and better than the rest of them.

"You're meant to be going inside," he said coolly.

Jakotsu beamed at the boy in front of him and imploded slightly from the cuteness. Bless, the little one was trying to be tough and G-classy as ever, it was one of the the most adorable things he'd ever seen.

Although, several things were considered the most adorable thing Ijiwaru Jakotsu had ever seen. When it came to young men, he didn't discriminate.

"He~eh, I know I am," he grinned, grabbing at the boy's arm and tugging insistently at his wrist. "Come with me!" he sang, tilting his head to one side cheerfully, far far more cheerfully in fact than was warranted by the situation.
That grin... that grin was decidedly scary. Ed clecnhed his fists, willing himself not to move an inch away.

He yelped, stumbling forwards a few steps as Jakotsu grabbed his wrist and pulled him forwards. He tugged back insistently, anger building at the indignity of the situation. Why the hell did this guy still live? He was an idiot! Surely he couldn't be important enough to leave alive.

"Get the fuck off me!" he growled, glaring at the bastard fiercely.
Jakotsu blinked. Hostility. It registered for a moment or two in his mind before he shrugged it off and smiled again, leaning forward further to practically hug Ed's arm.

"Awww, come on Edward-ku~un!" he purred, wrapping his arms around the boy's own. "We'll go have some fun!" he added, playfully making their shadows dance across the floor.

He looked at them for a while before they bored him - a grand total of ten seconds - all the while hugging Ed's arm, then nuzzled his shoulder. "C'mon this is tediousum." He didn't care it wasn't a word.
Ed's eyes widened as Jakotsu grabbed his arm and started nuzzling his shoulder. What the fuck did he think he was doing?!? He'd heard things about Jakotsu's idea of fun, and he didn't want any part of it!!

He glanced desperately back towards where some of the other members of G-class were standing but then shook his head. He could do this on his own. He wasn't some stupid little kid. He'd been given his position because he was good, he was trusted, better than the rest of the trash here.

He took a breath and then shoved Jakotsu away. Hardly the most elegant move, but it worked. "Don't touch me. You have to go inside or I'll report you."


That wasn't right. Had... he just been shoved? Jakotsu was certainly used to hostile behaviour - more often than not he came on a little "strong" - but he couldn't recall ever being physically pushed like that. How odd.

He suddenly felt a little angry. Frowning, he folded his arms and stood tall and haughtily stared down at him. Damn G-class, they were all so stuck up.

"Psht. You need to loosen up."
Ed glared up at the taller boy, eyes narrowed. Instinctively, he shifted into a fighting stance, legs spread slightly, arms loosley at his side. He tried to force himself to calm down, because getting angry just led to mistakes.

"I do not need to 'loosen up'," he growled. "You have to go inside now. You're breaking the rules."

Rules? What rules? It had been a very very long time since Jakotsu had known how to abide by many rules. If any.

Gesturing towards the door with a snide look on his face, he attempted to put his case. "By standing on this side of that instead of on the other side of that?" he pouted, exhibiting a rare flash of what could almost be called logic, absurd in the extreme though it was.

Debating was most definitely not his strong point.
What. An. Idiot.

"You've been ordered to go inside," Ed snapped, completely unimpressed by Jakotsu's... logic. He loathed fools, and this one was grating on his nerves. "In case you didn't realise, this isn't inside."

He took a step towards the boy menacingly. "You're not important enough that you're immune. Do as you're told."
Damn orders! That wasn't fair!

"This is just as inside as anywhere else!" he insisted, so sure he'd seen some philosiphohpoh- guy make a similar argument once. No reason he couldn't use it himself.

He sighed heavily and looked up at the sky for a moment. Why were the pretty boys always so argumentative?
Ed rolled his eyes at the ridiculous argument the other boy put forward. Did he really think he could get away with not obeying the rules?

"No it isn't," he snapped, grabbing Jakotsu's wrist and intending to drag him inside forcefully if necessarily. "Now get inside!"
Grinning suddenly as his wrist was grabbed, to anyone observing the conversation, Jakotsu seemingly forgot everything that had just been said.

"You're so adorable when you're angry!" he sang happily, wrapping his hand around and in turn holding onto Ed's wrist in a playful yet sadistic way considering the amount of force that needed to be applied.

Tugging on Ed's arm towards the door, his grin widened and he bounced slightly. "Let's go get lunch, hah?"
What. The. Fuck???

How did forcefully manhandling someone get interpreted as flirting?!?!

He winced at the tight grip on his wrist, feeling the bones grinding together painfully. He staggered as he was pulled sharply and then pulled back. "Let go of me!" He pulled once more and then stumbled forwards, right against Jakotsu's chest.
Jakotsu's grin split in a slightly sadistic manner as Ed practically fell into his arms. He wasted no time in wrapping an arm around him and pulling on his wrist to pull him closer.

"See!" he cooed happily. "Come on, you know you want to." He let out his trademark sigh and moved, daringly, to nuzzle the boy's cheek.
Ed stiffened at the touch and jerked his head to one side. He pushes against the other boy's chest, desperate to just get the freak off him! "Bastard," he hissed viciously.

He managed to hook his leg around one of Jakotsu's and then pulled sharply, trying to get the boy off balance.
Vaguely aware of a vicious insult for a brief instant, Jakotsu frowned before feeling a sudden tug at his ankle.


He landed backwards on the floor in a disheveled, sitting heap and blinking confusedly up at the G-class boy. He pouted in what might have been considered rather adorable way - had he not previously come on so ridiculously over the top - and rubbed the small of his back with a small mutter "Ahou..."
Ed glared down at the fallen boy, remaining a step or two back so his own legs couldn't be grabbed. He wasn't stupid enough to fall for anything like that.

"In the mud where you belong, hm?" He said, smiling viciously. No-one teased him! "Get up and go inside," he said coldly.
Something, Jakotsu wasn't sure what it was - though he never really could be - sent a sudden surge of rage up inside him. A malicious sneer crossed his features after looking down at his now dusty uniform. He looked up at Ed as if to burn holes in his head, all the while seeimngly unaware of the shadows creeping slowly up to grasp the boy's feet.
Ed glared back at the other other boy, matching him in viciousness.

He felt something touch his ankle fleetingly, or he thought he did. Something soft and strange. He glanced down but saw nothing.
"Oi!" Jakotsu snarled, the shadows growing with his anger, wrapping their way slowly around Ed's calves. He scrambled half to his feet, dusting himself off as he went. "I don't care if you're G-class, you don't do that to me and get away lightly."
Ed's eyes widened as the shadows twisted around his legs, preventing him from moving. He snarled at the other boy, glancing around quickly to see if there was anyway to help himself.

He turned back to Jakotsu and his eyes fixed on the pin holding Jakotsu's hair into it's elegant style. He smirked and concentrated. It was difficult to do this from a distance, but not impossible. And Ed was, after all, one of the best.

Slowly the pin began to move, slipping throuhg Jakotsu's hair like a liquid thing or a snake and winding down his neck to rest, lethally sharp, at the other boy's throat.

Jakotsu froze suddenly as he felt a brush of sharp metal at his neck and watched his hair cascade down around his shoulders. His eyes widened at the utter audacity displayed and glared at the boy in front of him. "Fine!" he spat, promptly letting go of the shadow-hold around Ed's legs.

Shrugging the hair from around his arms - it was so deceptively long when put up in that bun - he grit his teeth and glowered angrily between the G-class student and the hair pin poised at his neck.
Ed smirked in triumph as the shadows let go of his legs and the furious expression on Jakotsu's face was just so satisfying. He still didn't release the mental hold over the hair pin, keping it balanced next to Jakotsu's throat with some effort. He wouldn't be able to keep this up for long, but maybe just long enough to get out of this.

"Now," he growled softly. "Do as I say!"
Jakotsu sat back onto his legs, eyes warily placed on the pin at his throat. "FINE!" he snapped even more loudly.

He mumbled something in utterly incoherent kansai before snatching the pin from the position it was held in. "I'll talk to you later when you're less grumpy," he decided out loud, sachaying past and pulling his now waist-length hair behind his head to fix it back in place.
Ed snorted in disdain as Jokotsu spat and snarled like a common alleycat. How disdainful. Completely unsuitable for an Esstet agent.

"Please don't," Ed snapped at the boy's last comment, watching as Jakotsu walked past him, fixing his hair as he did so.

Ed watched him closely until he entered the building through the main door and then sighed, drawing his arm across his forehead. That use of his powers had drained him more than he cared to admit.

He straightened after a moment and took a second to straighten his uniform. It wouldn't do for a G-class student to look anything other than perfect. They had to set an example.

Once done, he headed back towards the building and slipped inside.