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School Food [Closed]

He raised an eyebrow when for once he wasn't pushed away, but knew better than to mention it. Not like the bursh offs ever stopped him. He was a creature of habit after all. He couldn't hold back a soft snort at Ken's words though. "Would you change it," he asked recklessly. "If you could go back, would you?" He was never sure what made him push things like that; it had got him in trouble on more than one occasion. Maybe just the perverse desire to know that he wasn't the only one who wished things had been different.

Ken thought for a few moments, his hand lifting again to wrap gentle fingers around Yohji's wrist hanging off of his shoulder, "I don't know. I was so young, there wasn't much I could do to get away from them. Or do you mean, would I choose to not have this power in the first place?"

Yohji shrugged slightly, not entirely sure himself what he meant. "Both, I guess. Call it morbid curiosity. What could we be doing now if we hadn't been pulled into this?"

Ken thought again for another few moments, "I would think there's not all that much a blind boy could do. Especially if he could magically still see where he was going and what he was doing. Maybe it's better to be here where one is understood and accepted for what they are."

Yohji closes his eyes for a moment. He should have known Ken would say something like that. "Maybe. Maybe not. Ah well, it was a stupid question. Can't change it now, right?"

"Right." Ken looks up at him for a moment then gently removes the arm from his shoulders again, "Are we having rebellious thoughts again, Yohji?"

Yohji smiled wryly, not protesting as his arm was pushed away again. "What, me? You should know better than that, Ken." I should know better than that by now, he thought slightly bitterly.

"Hmph. One would think the display that was just put on would have given you second thoughts." He reached up to pull the blindfold down a bit and replace it, keeping his eyes closed.

Ken moving the headband reminded Yohji of the other man's condition. He always managed to forget when they were talking like this. He shoved his hands into his pockets. "I've had the speech and the threats aimed at me too many times. I don't really want to repeat the experience."

"Well... maybe you'll get assigned to a team soon and sent out. Or don't you want to be in the company at all?" Ken glanced up at him for a moment then leads him into the cafeteria and heads for the trays.

"I don't get a choice, remember?" He scooped up a tray and stared morosely over the day's selection of unappetising mush.

Ken slides a hand over the stack of trays, taking a moment to pick up just one of them, then steps up next to Yohji, ignoring his question, "So what are we having today?"

"Well," he began, "looks like some kind of meat I can hope isn't something from a lab." He resisted the urge to poke it and see if it would move. "Bread and stuff. Overcooked vegetables."

"Interesting..." Ken takes a scoop of meat onto his plate along with some bread and butter but that was it, "I say we head for dessert."

Yohji also grabbed a bread roll, but found that his stomach rolled uncomfortably at the thought of any of the meat. He grinned at Ken. "A man after my own heart. Dessert is good." He headed over to the counter where the desserts were laid out. Some kind of sponge pudding with custard that was so popular in Europe, fruit, yoghurts. Normal lunchtime things. He grabbed a yoghurt and an apple and waited for Ken to make his choice. "I kind of miss Japanese desserts. Mochi and such," he said absently.

"Mochi? I don't remember..." He took a handful of grapes and some cottage cheese in a bowl, then turned to look for a table, letting Yohji lead the way.

Yohji sighed slightly, but led Ken to a table in the corner of the room. It had a good view of the rest of the room and the few students who were there at that time of day. Call him paranoid... well, he was paranoid. Had been for a long time.

Ken settled into a chair and picked up his fork to poke at the meat, "What's mochi?"

Yohji looked at him for a long moment and then leaned back in his chair. "You really can't remember? You must have had it. Sweet bean paste buns. A Japanese sweet."

"Yohji, I haven't been in Japan since I was 9 years old. I don't remember much from back then. But it sounds good." Ken pushed some meat into his mouth and started chewing with a wrinkle of his nose at the strange taste.

"I guess," Yohji conceded. It was difficult to remember sometimes that Ken had been there for a lot longer than he had. It felt like he'd been there forever. "Is the meat fit for human consumption?" He busied himself with buttering the bread roll.

"Not particularly. I think they tried to make spaghetti meat into barbeque meat, but missed the mark somehow." He pushed the meat to one side of his plate and set about buttering his own rolls.

Yohji made a face. It made sense. "School food is the same the world over apparently. No escaping it." He finished the roll in a couple of bites and started in on the yoghurt. "You'd think with all their science, they'd be able to make decent food."

Ken snorted, "Yeah, there should be a psychic power to cook better in mass quantities."

Yohji had to laugh at that. "Exactly. There should be things that're actually useful. Who needs pyrokinesis when you can cook?"

"I suppose you could use pyrokinesis TO cook? Couldn't you?" Ken tilted his head at him a bit as he tore a piece of bread to chew on.

"I never really thought about it like that," Yohji mused, spoonful of yoghurt held halfway to his mouth. "But would you really trust me with cookery? It'd be burned black."

Ken laughed lightly, "I suppose it would take some practice before you got it right. You should just buy a bunch of ramen cups and boil them yourself for lunch."

Yohji glanced over at the rather unappetising meat on Ken's plate and nodded. "I think I might just have to do that. Even with melted plastic it would probably be safer than this stuff."

"I dunno, that sounds pretty toxic, if you ask me." Ken wrinkled his nose in disgust, "Maybe this stuff is more safe for once."

Yohji snorted in disbelief. "You still aren't eating it though. A little plastic won't hurt you... much. Who knows where this stuff has been?"

"I guess that's true..." Ken looked down at the mass on his plate then shrugged and finished off his bread before popping grapes into his mouth.

Yohji grinned, chalking up a win for himself in that debate. Okay, it was a stupid silly thing, but it felt good so that's all that mattered. "Of course it's true. I'm always right."

Ken snorted again, "As if! You wish that was true."

"I know it is, Kenken. It's only you who's in denial."

"Oh please! You are NOT right all the time, Yohji, and you know it."

Yohji shrugged. "Well, even if I'm not, my amazing sex appeal usually distracts people long enough for me to get away with it."

Ken rolled his head away with a snicker, "Another thing that happens only in your dreams."

"Bah," Yohji snorted. "You're no fun Ken-Ken. I do happen to have quite a following in town." Yeah, when he was actually allowed to go.

"I bet you do." Ken wrinkled his nose a bit and pushed the last of his edible food into his mouth, "Simpering little girls and scrawny little boys?"

"Hey!" he protested, slightly offended by Ken's words. "I have better taste than that. Girls over eighteen. And I don't do boys. Much. And they're not scrawny."

Ken laughed, "Okay, okay. So buxom babes and hot guys, huh? You seem to have good taste."

"Of course I do!" Yohji said, slightly snappily. "And no-one clingy. I hate clingy."

"So do I." Says the kid who has never had a date in his life.

Yohji nodded sagely. "And what is your type then?"

"I'm not sure I have one..." Ken cocked his head at him as he thought about it, pushing his tray away from him.

"You must have one," Yohji said. "It's practically law."

"Law, huh..." Ken shrugged and drummed a few fingers on the table, "Well... I guess she'd have to be from the school here and know my powers and that I'm not allowed to leave, even for a day off. She'd be able to put up with my crankiness...."

"You're right there," Yohji muttered.

Ken kicked him under the table, his foot meeting Yohji's ankle without error, "Hush, you."

Yohji held up his hands in surrender. "Alright, alright, oh great lord and master." Ken kicked hard.

Ken smiled and shook his head, "I don't have a type because I don't date, Yohji. With my bit of empathic powers, it's harder for me. You know that."

Yohji sighed, leaning back in his chair. "Yeah, I guess." He did know. He'd seen enough of the pain telepaths and empaths sometimes went through to make him extremely glad that his own powers had nothing to do with emotions. "It just seems unnecessarily dull."

"It would be to a playboy like you, I guess." Ken smiled at his friend and shook his head, "But I'm just fine with it."

Yohji smiled slightly in return. "Well, I guess if you're okay with it. I would go mad."

"Ah. Not everyone has your magnificent libido, Yohji." He grinned at him and reached to pat one of is hands soothingly.

"And the ladies of the world are undeniably grateful for that. They wouldn't survive if there was another of me!"

"Oh, lord, no one could stand another you!" He laughed as he teased the blond and sat back in his chair again, his moment of physical touching over.

Yohji crossed his arms over his chest and pouted slightly. "I'm being grossly insulted!" he announced to the room.

"I'm sorry, but you make it so easy. You usually dish it right back, you know." Ken grinned at him.

He couldn't suppress a grin. "You have a point." Would be nice if everyone else saw it as harmless the same way Ken did, but no such luck.

Ken nodded then looked around, "Is it time for class?" He noticed other students getting up and leaving then looked at Yohji again.

Yohji glanced up at the rapidly emptying cafeteria and then down at his watch. "Shit!" he swore, glaring at the watch as though it were it's fault for the time. "Where does the time go?"

"I'll take that as a yes..." Ken stood up and picked up his tray, headed for the nearest trash can to dump out the reused meat.

Yohji stood and quickly followed Ken, dumping his tray as well. "I'm gonna' get killed if I'm late."

"Oh? Why's that?" He put his tray away then headed for the doors with him.

Yohji paused in the doorway and looked at Ken, a wry smile on his lips. "This is me. When am I not being threatened?"

"Hmm. I suppose." He gave the man a smile then pointed down the hallway, "I go this way. I'll see you later, okay?"

Yohji nodded, giving Ken a little wave. "Yeah. Assuming I survive the day. Enjoy class!"

"You will, firefly." He waved and headed off down the hallway towards his class.

Yohji watched Ken leave and shook his head for a moment. "Firefly, indeed." With a sigh, he headed in the opposite direction towards his own classes.
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