Nagi Naoe (telekinetic_boy) wrote in ewige_dasein,
Nagi Naoe

Oh joy [open]


Nagi was getting jostled. He wasn't happy about that.

Nor was he happy about being so small and in a crowd that was suddenly in a hurry to be elsewhere. And a spectacle like the one up front would quite frankly make anyone want to be elsewhere. Always did make him.

A small sigh escaped him imperceptibly as he was nudged in the side. He nudged back. Where powers were concerned, Nagi was no longer bothered with whether or not another's might be substantially higher than his own. They knew when not to pick a fight; in among a crowd containing instructors was an example of such a time.

Instructors and every student in the institute... he added to himself, glancing around and seeing everyone he knew somewhere in the crowd - even grimacing slightly as he made a mental note to move away from the Kansai boy in the elaborately pinned bun. Lord, he was weird.

Eliciting a gently telekinetic barrier, he nudged his way through the crowd gently and made his way to the edge of the court yard, stealing a glance back over his shoulder just before he made to leave. They were taking the students in. How odd. That could almost be classed as benevolence.
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