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Rosenkreuz Academy
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Below are the 15 most recent journal entries recorded in Ewige Dasein - A Rosenkreuz RPG's LiveJournal:

Monday, August 7th, 2006
2:11 am
Intruding [open to Sylvia]
After a rather painful landing - during which the twins had discovered the institute's penchant for growing gorse bushes underneath the boundary walls - Hikaru had managed to find something of an intriguing path towards the main building.

Failing to attract Kaoru's attention by waving subtley, distracted as it was and not wanting to attract anyone elses, he resorted to their link.


He blinked as his telepathic link to his brother a mere five meters away stopped abruptly. 'Kaoru? Kaoru!' "Kaoru!" he yelled in sudden unprecdented desperation.

It had the desired effect. His brother turned around...

And he suddenly had the hideous feeling that someone else might have too.
Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
9:32 am
An attempt at an exit [open]
As Nagi walked off he could feel Schuldig dropping away from him. Good idea; he wouldn't want to get stuck to the wall either.

At least the crowds had dispersed now... how long had he been out here?

He idly glanced around at the few people now coming and going from the Courtyard, wondering how they managed to escape the mandate that they leave. He sighed and refused to put the audacity of using telemanipulative skills on instructors past Schuldig.

Extending his barrier across his skin again, as though he even needed it, he'd so far nudged away everyone that got in his way he might need to. He blinked. Except the three people stood mid (what could pass for) conversation.

They were blocking the doorway and he was going to have to, he sighed, speak to them.

"Excuse me."
Friday, July 28th, 2006
1:02 am
Rest and Relaxation [Open to Schuldig]
Rest, that's what he needed, Ed decided. Something to replenish his energy after his little display. Manipulating metal from a distance was draining. He wasn't telekinetic by any stretch of the imagination.

The rest of the students had already disappeared to classes or to training while he had argued with Jakotsu, leaving the corridors eerie and empty; white walls clinical and despressing. Ed navigated the maze of corridors quickly, heading towards the G-class dormitories. Food and then a change of uniform, he thought. He was muddy and it was hardly appropriate. He had to set an example.

Ed's room was one of the smaller ones. Still far more luxurious than the rooms of the normal students, but small, none the less. He quickly changed into a fesh uniform, dumping the muddy one into a hamper by the door. He had some chocolate stashed away in a cupboard and he pulled out a bar, munching on it absently as he gathered his things. He didn't have classes until later, but he had some work to do. Might as well use the time.

The computer room was nearly empty when he entered and he had no trouble commandeering a machine. Top of the range, every single computer. All modified for their use.

He settled in front of it and logged on, registering his thumb print to allow him to use it. Research, That was what he needed to do.
Sunday, July 23rd, 2006
11:18 pm
Training [Open: Incomplete]
One day, hopefully soon, he'd learn to keep his mouth shut. That was always got him into trouble. Mouthing off to the wrong people; instructors, G-class, nasty snitchy little students all too willing to turn others in for praise. Jerks.

Ken would probably laugh when he found out about this, assuming that Yohji survived.

He stared up at the Instructor from where he was sprawled on the floor, trying not to move an inch because the sword at his throat looked sharp, nothing like a pratice sword at all.

That had to be one of the most stupid things he'd done since... well, the last really stupid thing he'd done. And he'd been doing so well about not getting in trouble too. He should know better than this by now, but it just kept happening.

He could feel the eyes of the other students on him, half shocked, half mocking. Always so intent, waiting to see what would happen to the idiot Kudoh.

He forced a smirk, not nearly up to his usual standards, and looked defiantly at the Instructor again. "I guess you win," he said coolly and immediately kicked himself mentally. There he went again.
Monday, July 17th, 2006
1:58 am
School Food [Closed]
He raised an eyebrow when for once he wasn't pushed away, but knew better than to mention it. Not like the bursh offs ever stopped him. He was a creature of habit after all. He couldn't hold back a soft snort at Ken's words though. "Would you change it," he asked recklessly. "If you could go back, would you?" He was never sure what made him push things like that; it had got him in trouble on more than one occasion. Maybe just the perverse desire to know that he wasn't the only one who wished things had been different.

Ken thought for a few moments, his hand lifting again to wrap gentle fingers around Yohji's wrist hanging off of his shoulder, "I don't know. I was so young, there wasn't much I could do to get away from them. Or do you mean, would I choose to not have this power in the first place?"

Yohji shrugged slightly, not entirely sure himself what he meant. Collapse )
Sunday, July 16th, 2006
10:28 pm
Sneaking Out [closed]
It might have been unlike anyone else to sneak out in broad daylight. But for the Hitachiins it was simply wasn't a factor to consider. Seeing where you were going versus not seeing where you were going; seemed as though the choice was clear.

Lying flat up on top of the fotress-like boundary between the academy and the institute, Hikaru held tightly onto the edge and reached down as far as he could to his waiting brother's wrist.

It had taken copious amounts of trial and error to get himself up here in the first place; if they weren't exceedingly careful from this point, this last go could well end up as another bruise on one of their shoulders.

Or a more painful/embarrassing place.

"Ow! Hikaru, don't be so rough!" Kaoru pouted as he was yanked to the top of the wall, scrambling up to the top of the concrete construction and scuffing his uniform in the process.

Hikaru was already staring out towards the institute. "There it is," he whispered, a mixture of awe, fear and curiosity crossing into his voice.

Now all the had to do was get down the other side.
Thursday, July 13th, 2006
10:44 pm
Black Market Politics - [Closed]
The announcement had been made for 'all staff and students' and Oriya could understand why. The gunshots were still ringing in his ears when they began escorting students back to class. Oriya remained where he was, smoke drifting lazily from the end of his pipe, eyes settled on the gruesome scene, apparently in deep thought.

This was the first such display he'd seen (being relatively new to the staff) and he doubted it would be the last. What bothered him was not the display itself - he had Muraki as a best friend, afterall - but that he could think of several more effective ways to cow students into obedience, all of them humane yet far more cruel.

As cold as it may seem, none of the students were really his concern, nor were many of the staff. He'd come with one purpose in mind, and that was hardly to be deterred by childish mind games. This display wasn't meant for him, but for a reason he couldn't fathom it made him angry.

If leaving KokakuRou were as simple as burning it down, he would not have accepted ownership to begin with. KoukakuRou was an old building, one of the few that survived civil war and several arguments over the original owner. With a history that demanded blood-for-blood and the bodies of his ancestors buried beneath, burning it was nothing short of sacrilege.

The Institute had done a very stupid thing by crossing swords with Oriya, and now it was his duty to make an example of them. For once, he felt he might do it gladly.

When much of the crowd had gone, he bowed his head out of respect for the dead and turned to go as well.

In the end, this was an exercise in politics. Poisoned tea didn't leave stains on the tatami.
Sunday, July 2nd, 2006
12:11 am
A trip to the Courtyard [open to all]
Naminé didn't feel as bad leaving the safety of the cafeteria now that she had an escort of sorts. Yet, it never crossed her mind that people would think that she and Soujirou were more then just newly met acquaintences (if one could even call them that) by the way they were strolling down the hall with their arms linked. Thus, she was unaware of the few whispers and glances.

Soon enough, the courtyard came into view, and Naminé was pleased to see that it wasn't as crowded as it could have been. There will still many people, but since the area was a large, open, space, it wasn't like privacy was too hard to attain. She was content to just let Soujirou continue to escort her.

"It's so nice outside... I didn't realize," Naminé quietly commented. It was a very nice day, she was amazed that she would have rathered spent her time indoors. But perhaps it was because she was used to doing so.
Saturday, July 1st, 2006
2:07 pm
Inside [closed]
Yanku was under the impression that not only did most people lie... they were incredibly stupid.

He had recalled that someone had told him that it was impossible to walk on barbed wire. Yanku looked down at the knot of barbed wire peeking between the small gap between his barefeet and shrugged. The trick, like with all things, was not to get impaled. Then he stepped off the top of the fence, letting his knees absorb the shock of his sudden descent and regained a more 'normal' position of both feet on the ground, hands shoved deep into the pockets of his pants. He'd tried, then, because it was said it couldn't be done.

A feral smile graced his face, but Yanku knew that nobody could tell, except maybe those damnable empaths. The kitsune mask, as always, was in place on his face, the familiar weight pressed against his forehead. As he passed by others, because he never considered 'others' as someting at all like himself, Yanku made sure to hiss - low and in the back of his throat, just to make them think he was going to jump them.

They were afraid of him, some of them and not just because of the fire he could conjure up. Clone. Funny word, meant a lot of things. Copy, for one. The only person he was a copy of was Inmu and that was fine, because Inmu was worth being a copy of. He didn't open the door, instead he nudged it with his foot, and then watched it carefully ease open. This was how he did things, sometimes, with a lot of show, because he knew there were eyes on his back. Yanku rolled his head on his neck, letting the bones pop and settle before walking through the door.

He had better things to do than walk on barbed wire.
Monday, June 26th, 2006
11:22 pm
From a distance [closed]
All the while, several hundred yards away at the very edge of the academy boundary, a pair of inquisitive twins sat high up on a wall beneath a tree. The institute had long been something of a... curiosity with them. Knowing it was a training ground for psychics had sparked many a rumour as the academy, yet their own little link was well known about but still wasn't enough to have them hauled off there.

Leaning forward and craning his neck at the faintest sound of what almost sounded like a gunshot in the distance, the older of the two started to get even more curious.

There's something weird going- Hikaru began to his younger twin.

-weird going on again Kaoru finished his thought almost as soon as it had begun.

Being on the same wavelength would be the century's biggest understatement.

Putting a hand on Hikaru's shoulder, Kaoru attempted to see that inch or two further that had done him no good several times before but old habits... etc. He sighed and leant his head on his brother's with a pout. Whatever was going on over there, the two were rather overly determined to find out.
Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
2:22 am
Care for a spot of tea? [open to soujirou and anyone else interested]
The cafeteria was always so crowded during the normal lunch hours. Naminé had nothing against the people here - they were good people, as far as she could tell, but the sheer amount of them in the cafeteria during lunch, dinner, even breakfast, made Naminé feel suffocated. She just wanted to crawl under a table and die.

But when it was not breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the cafeteria was Naminé's favorite place to stay. It was quiet and sunny, unlike her dorm, which was just quiet. In the cafeteria, she could see the various students walk on by, and she had plenty of light and scenery. The library would have been a good place too, but even with the stifling silence Naminé felt self-conscious with the people around. The cafeteria was very nice when it wasn't busy, she soon found, partly because of it's near emptiness.

The small blond girl was, as always, hunched over her sketchbook, scribbling with great passion. She loved sketching random things around the school, and she always made a mental snapshot of them and retreated to the cafeteria to draw it later. She seemed so absorbed in her work that she seemed to have forgotten where she was.
12:36 am
Heading off [open to Ed]
For a brief moment, Jakotsu wondered to himself whether or not it might have been distracting - perhaps slightly horrifying for normal people - to the other students to hear him humming absent mindedly and glancing off in other directions whilst the ... decidedly grim display took place in front.

It certainly gained him a little attention.

But then so did quite a few things about him. His hair, for example. Something that looked as if it could have only been acheived using several pieces of wire. It was, of course, all down to an insane amount of hairspray. Jakotsu's hair alone could have been considered in violation of the Kyoto Protocol.

He blinked extensively when the whole thing was over and people started the mass exodus of the stage area. "Ooh, are we done?" he asked, in an entirely curious and unaffected tone, much to the suprised and/or digust of a few passing students. Hardly his fault, it was the only way he knew how to be.

Trying desperately hard to recall just where it was he was supposed to be next, the Kansai boy played absently with a stray piece of that distinctly eye-catching hair for a moment before shaking his head and turning to walk randomly in the opposite direction.

The opposite direction's exit, however, was lined with smattering of G-class students. Well, to most students it would be a "however". To Jakotsu, not so much.

For Jakotsu, it simply made his eyes light up as he spotted a certain adorable little metal psychic among the G-class members. He practically skipped across the rest of the way to the edge of the courtyard and grinned, chiming at the blonde boy "Edwa~rd!"
Monday, June 19th, 2006
10:48 pm
Friday, June 16th, 2006
1:16 am
Oh joy [open]

Nagi was getting jostled. He wasn't happy about that.

Nor was he happy about being so small and in a crowd that was suddenly in a hurry to be elsewhere. And a spectacle like the one up front would quite frankly make anyone want to be elsewhere. Always did make him.

A small sigh escaped him imperceptibly as he was nudged in the side. He nudged back. Where powers were concerned, Nagi was no longer bothered with whether or not another's might be substantially higher than his own. They knew when not to pick a fight; in among a crowd containing instructors was an example of such a time.

Instructors and every student in the institute... he added to himself, glancing around and seeing everyone he knew somewhere in the crowd - even grimacing slightly as he made a mental note to move away from the Kansai boy in the elaborately pinned bun. Lord, he was weird.

Eliciting a gently telekinetic barrier, he nudged his way through the crowd gently and made his way to the edge of the court yard, stealing a glance back over his shoulder just before he made to leave. They were taking the students in. How odd. That could almost be classed as benevolence.
Thursday, June 15th, 2006
11:16 pm
Another Day [Closed]
Yohji shifted uncomfortably, the full uniform far too warm to be standing outside, cramped among all the other students in a packed courtyard, on such a hot day. Rows of black uniformed students surrounded him, broken by the occasional flash of red; G-class, ensuring that none of them attempted anything stupid.

Not that there was much chance of that, he thought bitterly, considering what they were there for. There had been rumours for a couple of days about this. An earlier curfew and tighter security than normal. It had been confirmed with an announcement over the tannoy system that morning, the one ordering them out into the courtyard.

They'd been standing there for an hour, waiting. Some of the newer students huddled together, looking lost and scared, no idea what was going on. They'd been pushed to the front, the best view reserved for them. Yohji himself was further back. He'd seen things like this before, more than he ever wanted to.

Rosenkreuz were making an example.

He stood stiffly like the others when the wrong-doers were brought out. A scrawny girl with mousy hair and a boy just a little younger than Yohji himself, trying to maintain his defiance even now.

Morons, Yohji thought scornfully. They'd tried to escape, running into town one night and trying to catch the Express train out. One of the more stupid escape plans he'd seen. He supposed he should feel sorry for them, for what was about to happen, but he'd seen too many things to care about people who acted so recklessly. They never learned.

He flinched with each shot fired, staring down at the collar of his uniform, long hair hiding the sight in the centre of the courtyard. He could hear the half hysterical cries from on the new kids. They didn't know half of it. Those kids had had a quick death; powers too weak to bother with retraining or messing with their minds. It was enough to keep most of the new kids from trying anything stupid, for a while at least.

A short speech from one of the Instructors, sweet voice a shocking contrast to the words coming from her mouth. Yohji tuned it out, having heard it a million times before. At least it wasn't aimed directly at him this time.

Everyone left quickly, not wanting to look at the grizzly sight for any longer then necessary. There was training to do, classes to attend, missions to plan.

Another normal day at Rosenkreuz.
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