Jakotsu (jacquottes) wrote in ewige_dasein,

Heading off [open to Ed]

For a brief moment, Jakotsu wondered to himself whether or not it might have been distracting - perhaps slightly horrifying for normal people - to the other students to hear him humming absent mindedly and glancing off in other directions whilst the ... decidedly grim display took place in front.

It certainly gained him a little attention.

But then so did quite a few things about him. His hair, for example. Something that looked as if it could have only been acheived using several pieces of wire. It was, of course, all down to an insane amount of hairspray. Jakotsu's hair alone could have been considered in violation of the Kyoto Protocol.

He blinked extensively when the whole thing was over and people started the mass exodus of the stage area. "Ooh, are we done?" he asked, in an entirely curious and unaffected tone, much to the suprised and/or digust of a few passing students. Hardly his fault, it was the only way he knew how to be.

Trying desperately hard to recall just where it was he was supposed to be next, the Kansai boy played absently with a stray piece of that distinctly eye-catching hair for a moment before shaking his head and turning to walk randomly in the opposite direction.

The opposite direction's exit, however, was lined with smattering of G-class students. Well, to most students it would be a "however". To Jakotsu, not so much.

For Jakotsu, it simply made his eyes light up as he spotted a certain adorable little metal psychic among the G-class members. He practically skipped across the rest of the way to the edge of the courtyard and grinned, chiming at the blonde boy "Edwa~rd!"
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