Naminé (annuledcreation) wrote in ewige_dasein,

Care for a spot of tea? [open to soujirou and anyone else interested]

The cafeteria was always so crowded during the normal lunch hours. Naminé had nothing against the people here - they were good people, as far as she could tell, but the sheer amount of them in the cafeteria during lunch, dinner, even breakfast, made Naminé feel suffocated. She just wanted to crawl under a table and die.

But when it was not breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the cafeteria was Naminé's favorite place to stay. It was quiet and sunny, unlike her dorm, which was just quiet. In the cafeteria, she could see the various students walk on by, and she had plenty of light and scenery. The library would have been a good place too, but even with the stifling silence Naminé felt self-conscious with the people around. The cafeteria was very nice when it wasn't busy, she soon found, partly because of it's near emptiness.

The small blond girl was, as always, hunched over her sketchbook, scribbling with great passion. She loved sketching random things around the school, and she always made a mental snapshot of them and retreated to the cafeteria to draw it later. She seemed so absorbed in her work that she seemed to have forgotten where she was.
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