Naminé (annuledcreation) wrote in ewige_dasein,

A trip to the Courtyard [open to all]

Naminé didn't feel as bad leaving the safety of the cafeteria now that she had an escort of sorts. Yet, it never crossed her mind that people would think that she and Soujirou were more then just newly met acquaintences (if one could even call them that) by the way they were strolling down the hall with their arms linked. Thus, she was unaware of the few whispers and glances.

Soon enough, the courtyard came into view, and Naminé was pleased to see that it wasn't as crowded as it could have been. There will still many people, but since the area was a large, open, space, it wasn't like privacy was too hard to attain. She was content to just let Soujirou continue to escort her.

"It's so nice outside... I didn't realize," Naminé quietly commented. It was a very nice day, she was amazed that she would have rathered spent her time indoors. But perhaps it was because she was used to doing so.
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