Mibu Oriya (oriya_kick) wrote in ewige_dasein,
Mibu Oriya

Black Market Politics - [Closed]

The announcement had been made for 'all staff and students' and Oriya could understand why. The gunshots were still ringing in his ears when they began escorting students back to class. Oriya remained where he was, smoke drifting lazily from the end of his pipe, eyes settled on the gruesome scene, apparently in deep thought.

This was the first such display he'd seen (being relatively new to the staff) and he doubted it would be the last. What bothered him was not the display itself - he had Muraki as a best friend, afterall - but that he could think of several more effective ways to cow students into obedience, all of them humane yet far more cruel.

As cold as it may seem, none of the students were really his concern, nor were many of the staff. He'd come with one purpose in mind, and that was hardly to be deterred by childish mind games. This display wasn't meant for him, but for a reason he couldn't fathom it made him angry.

If leaving KokakuRou were as simple as burning it down, he would not have accepted ownership to begin with. KoukakuRou was an old building, one of the few that survived civil war and several arguments over the original owner. With a history that demanded blood-for-blood and the bodies of his ancestors buried beneath, burning it was nothing short of sacrilege.

The Institute had done a very stupid thing by crossing swords with Oriya, and now it was his duty to make an example of them. For once, he felt he might do it gladly.

When much of the crowd had gone, he bowed his head out of respect for the dead and turned to go as well.

In the end, this was an exercise in politics. Poisoned tea didn't leave stains on the tatami.
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