Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin (mindmelded) wrote in ewige_dasein,
Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin

Sneaking Out [closed]

It might have been unlike anyone else to sneak out in broad daylight. But for the Hitachiins it was simply wasn't a factor to consider. Seeing where you were going versus not seeing where you were going; seemed as though the choice was clear.

Lying flat up on top of the fotress-like boundary between the academy and the institute, Hikaru held tightly onto the edge and reached down as far as he could to his waiting brother's wrist.

It had taken copious amounts of trial and error to get himself up here in the first place; if they weren't exceedingly careful from this point, this last go could well end up as another bruise on one of their shoulders.

Or a more painful/embarrassing place.

"Ow! Hikaru, don't be so rough!" Kaoru pouted as he was yanked to the top of the wall, scrambling up to the top of the concrete construction and scuffing his uniform in the process.

Hikaru was already staring out towards the institute. "There it is," he whispered, a mixture of awe, fear and curiosity crossing into his voice.

Now all the had to do was get down the other side.
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