kagenokokoro (kagenokokoro) wrote in ewige_dasein,

Rest and Relaxation [Open to Schuldig]

Rest, that's what he needed, Ed decided. Something to replenish his energy after his little display. Manipulating metal from a distance was draining. He wasn't telekinetic by any stretch of the imagination.

The rest of the students had already disappeared to classes or to training while he had argued with Jakotsu, leaving the corridors eerie and empty; white walls clinical and despressing. Ed navigated the maze of corridors quickly, heading towards the G-class dormitories. Food and then a change of uniform, he thought. He was muddy and it was hardly appropriate. He had to set an example.

Ed's room was one of the smaller ones. Still far more luxurious than the rooms of the normal students, but small, none the less. He quickly changed into a fesh uniform, dumping the muddy one into a hamper by the door. He had some chocolate stashed away in a cupboard and he pulled out a bar, munching on it absently as he gathered his things. He didn't have classes until later, but he had some work to do. Might as well use the time.

The computer room was nearly empty when he entered and he had no trouble commandeering a machine. Top of the range, every single computer. All modified for their use.

He settled in front of it and logged on, registering his thumb print to allow him to use it. Research, That was what he needed to do.
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