Nagi Naoe (telekinetic_boy) wrote in ewige_dasein,
Nagi Naoe

An attempt at an exit [open]

As Nagi walked off he could feel Schuldig dropping away from him. Good idea; he wouldn't want to get stuck to the wall either.

At least the crowds had dispersed now... how long had he been out here?

He idly glanced around at the few people now coming and going from the Courtyard, wondering how they managed to escape the mandate that they leave. He sighed and refused to put the audacity of using telemanipulative skills on instructors past Schuldig.

Extending his barrier across his skin again, as though he even needed it, he'd so far nudged away everyone that got in his way he might need to. He blinked. Except the three people stood mid (what could pass for) conversation.

They were blocking the doorway and he was going to have to, he sighed, speak to them.

"Excuse me."
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