Yohji Kudoh (weiss_fire) wrote in ewige_dasein,
Yohji Kudoh

Another Day [Closed]

Yohji shifted uncomfortably, the full uniform far too warm to be standing outside, cramped among all the other students in a packed courtyard, on such a hot day. Rows of black uniformed students surrounded him, broken by the occasional flash of red; G-class, ensuring that none of them attempted anything stupid.

Not that there was much chance of that, he thought bitterly, considering what they were there for. There had been rumours for a couple of days about this. An earlier curfew and tighter security than normal. It had been confirmed with an announcement over the tannoy system that morning, the one ordering them out into the courtyard.

They'd been standing there for an hour, waiting. Some of the newer students huddled together, looking lost and scared, no idea what was going on. They'd been pushed to the front, the best view reserved for them. Yohji himself was further back. He'd seen things like this before, more than he ever wanted to.

Rosenkreuz were making an example.

He stood stiffly like the others when the wrong-doers were brought out. A scrawny girl with mousy hair and a boy just a little younger than Yohji himself, trying to maintain his defiance even now.

Morons, Yohji thought scornfully. They'd tried to escape, running into town one night and trying to catch the Express train out. One of the more stupid escape plans he'd seen. He supposed he should feel sorry for them, for what was about to happen, but he'd seen too many things to care about people who acted so recklessly. They never learned.

He flinched with each shot fired, staring down at the collar of his uniform, long hair hiding the sight in the centre of the courtyard. He could hear the half hysterical cries from on the new kids. They didn't know half of it. Those kids had had a quick death; powers too weak to bother with retraining or messing with their minds. It was enough to keep most of the new kids from trying anything stupid, for a while at least.

A short speech from one of the Instructors, sweet voice a shocking contrast to the words coming from her mouth. Yohji tuned it out, having heard it a million times before. At least it wasn't aimed directly at him this time.

Everyone left quickly, not wanting to look at the grizzly sight for any longer then necessary. There was training to do, classes to attend, missions to plan.

Another normal day at Rosenkreuz.
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