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Ken and Yohji [Closed]

Ken had been there for the punishment, just as any other special student was. He leaned against the back wall, his head turned away from the firing squad, though he winced a bit at the shots echoing through the students. He sighed but did not move as the students were being ushered back inside. He hated being in crowds and always avoided them the best he could, so he would wait until most of the others were inside before he moved.

Yohji wove his way through the flock of students heading back into the building. Sometimes, he was really glad of his height; meant he could get through crowds far more easily. At the moment, he just wanted to get away. Even working would be preferable. He did not want to be stuck outside while they tried to herd hysterical kids into some kind of order.

Ken raised a hand to adjust the bandana over his eyes then tilted his head to one side. He felt pain and confusion coming from most directions but there were a few dots of calm coming his way and heading for the door. Must be the older students or one of his friends. He pushed away from the wall as he looked for someone he knew, then fell in next to Yohji as they walked, "Hey, Yohji."

Yohji glanced to the side and smiled slightly as Ken fell in beside him. "Hey, Ken." It had unnerved him at first, the way Ken always knew exactly what was going on around him despite the bandanna and his eyes and everything. It still unnerved him sometimes, he'd just become better at hiding it. "You see the show?" he asked, lowering his voice slightly. People were justifiably unwilling to talk about the things that happened.

"Yeah.. poor saps." He sighed lightly as they headed for the doors and stuffed his hands into his uniform pockets, "Why they thought they could get away when plenty before him haven't been at all successful..." He shook his head and put a hand on Yohji's arm to slow him down as a few crying kids dashed past them.

Yohji nodded in agreement and stepped to one side, letting the kids run past. Probably heading to their rooms or the bathrooms or something to either cry some more or possibly throw up. They'd learn in time. "You get a few idiots who never learn," he said coolly. Heaven knows he'd nearly been one of those idiots. He reached up, brushing his hair out of his face and turning to his friend. "Hopefully some of the kids'll figure out how things work though."

"I suppose one could get a big head and decide their powers are good enough to get them out. But from what I've heard they have entire teams of powerful psi's to go out and drag you back, and that's all they do." He shook his head again and started walking back inside again, seeing as all the teachers insisted on it, "This should put more fear in them... though I wonder if that's really a good thing."

Yohji shrugged and followed his friend inside. "Yeah. Some of G-class, I heard. Wouldn't really like to find out." He'd seen enough to make him never, ever want to find out. "You'd know more than me, Kenken," he said, using the teasing nickname to rile his friend. "You're practically there already," he addedm putting an arm on Ken's shoulder and leaning in. "And they'll come to accept it, eventually. You know that."

Ken leaned away from the touch and gently brushed off the arm on his shoulders after a moment of feeling Yohji's emotions and relative calmness, "Yes, I suppose I'm close to being G-Class myself. Though the teachers and such don't trust me to be on my own. I'd have to be teamed up or something. Annoying, if you ask me." He paused to look up and down a few halls, "What shall we do now, Yohji?"

Yohji sighed slightly as he was brushed off. Ken never liked the whole casual touching thing. Maybe that's why Yohji found himself doing it so often. "I'm with you there," he grumbled. "I'm sick of always being watched like I'm gonna' fuck up. You'd almost think that they didn't trust me," he said with a wry smile. He stopped a few paces in front of Ken and turned back to look at him. "I dunno. I haven't got anything I desperately need to do, unless I feel like training again." He sighed heavily. "Library, I guess. Or the cafeteria."

Ken tilted his head as he thought for a moment, "Most students have gone back to their rooms. It looks like the cafeteria is almost deserted and I could definitly eat something now rather than later. Do you mind if we go there?"

He shook his head. "Not at all. I missed breakfast myself." Officially he'd been sleeping in. Really, he just hadn't felt like eating once that announcement had been made.

"Good." He smiled at the taller man, then turned to head for the cafeteria, "Do you have a class soon?"

Yohji stuffed his hands in his pockets and followed the younger man quickly. He hoped they had coffee. And he was dying for a cigarette. He needed to get out and buy some more as soon as they let him. "I have one class this afternoon," he said, brushing past a small group of students heading in the opposite direction. "Individual training," he sighed.

"Oh great, sounds like a lot of fun." Ken's voice dripped with sarcasm as he rolled his head the way another would roll his eyes, "I have physical training, hand to hand. What time is it, anyway?" He never wore a watch simply because it's hard to focus on the tiny hand of it to see the time.

Yohji smirked at Ken's tone of voice. They had their differences, but there were some things that they were in perfect agreement about. He glanced at the chunky watch that almost never left his wrist. "Nearly 10:30," he said, tapping the glass face once. "I wish they'd learn the meaning of 'lie-in' at some point. I'm gonna' die of early morning one of these days."

Ken laughed lightly, "Yohji, you're not going to die getting up early, as long as you get to bed at a decent time." He reached to poke Yohji in the arm with a smile, "You party too often."

Yohji grinned back. "I'm a night owl, what can I say? Mornings do me in." He bumped shoulders with Ken lightly, throwing an arm casually around his shoulders. "I only wish it were true. The local pubb is hardly a party spot." he sighed melodramatically. "Someday, Ken, we'll go to Tokyo and I'll show you a real party."

"Mm, I haven't been to Japan since I was a kid." He lifted his hand to brush the arm off again, but paused this time and left it there for once. Yohji was often persistant enough to just keep trying, and sometimes Ken just gives up on pushing him away. "I'd like to go back to Kyoto, see how things have changed since I was so cruelly kidnapped."

He raised an eyebrow when for once he wasn't pushed away, but knew better than to mention it. Not like the bursh offs ever stopped him. He was a creature of habit after all. He couldn't hold back a soft snort at Ken's words though. "Would you change it," he asked recklessly. "If you could go back, would you?" He was never sure what made him push things like that; it had got him in trouble on more than one occasion. Maybe just the perverse desire to know that he wasn't the only one who wished things had been different.

Ken thought for a few moments, his hand lifting again to wrap gentle fingers around Yohji's wrist hanging off of his shoulder, "I don't know. I was so young, there wasn't much I could do to get away from them. Or do you mean, would I choose to not have this power in the first place?"

To be continued....
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