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Rosenkreuz Academy

Hopeless Zone

Ewige Dasein - A Rosenkreuz RPG
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Welcome to Rosenkreuz Academy. A charming 18th century style building, the school is set amongst miles of rolling German countryside which offers the students the chance to learn in a beautiful and distraction free environment. Our school is devoted to providing the very highest standard in classroom education and pastoral care with each subject tailored to each student's individual needs. We are sure that you will find Rosenkreuz Academy the perfect place to provide the education that your child deserves and we extend you a warm welcome.

~ Rosenkreuz Academy Prospectus - Introduction

The Rosenkreuz Academy lies in the south of Germany, a few miles from a small town called Zell (I am not making the town name up by the way... it exists). A prestigious boarding school, it accepts the most talented students from around the world, training them to be the scientists, artists and politicians of the future.

Behind the cultured facade however, lies a darker side to the idyllic Academy. A front for Esstet, the Academy uses brainwashing techniques to gain control of the students and through them, when they graduate, control of politics and science across the world.

The darkest secret however is hidden even to most members of the Academy. Connected to the Academy by secret tunnels lies the true Rosenkreuz Institute. A bleak building, the institute serves as a facility for the study and training of those with psychic abilities. The students come from every background and every country, Esstet prepared to bribe, kidnap and even kill to get hold of them. Once in their hands, the students have no choice but to obey the orders given to them with threats of death, or worse, used to keep them in line.

This is an AU Role-play based upon the anime series Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters in the US) and Gluhen. It takes place at the Rosenkreuz institute which trains psychics for the use of Esstet and focusses on the people who live and work there, students and instructors. Although some knowledge of the series is helpful, it is not required to play.

Since it is AU, all characters from Weiss Kreuz are open to be played.


1) Characters should be from fandom only. Anime or computer game. But NO Original characters please.

2) All characters are from EARTH, not from other worlds, so feel free to change the character backgrounds to suit this. This does mean that there is no magic! If your character uses magic in their canon, either ignore it or change it into some kind of psychic power. Also, they should all be, if not human, at least humanoid. As my friend said; 'Telekinetic Zidane = Good, Telekinetic Bulbasaur = Bad'. If the character is non-human, eg. a catboy, they should be applied for as clones.

3) The limit on characters is going to be 2 for starters. Later on, if you've shown you're able to keep up with two, then you can apply for a third. The characters should all be from different fandoms. So if you want to apply for, say, Schuldig, you can't also apply for Ken.

4) You must be sixteen or over to join.

5) Please use proper English spelling and grammar. No net or l33tspeak, please! Japanese suffixes (-chan, -sama, etc.) can be used if appropriate eg. if your character is Japanese. Of course, exceptions will be made on character journals if your character is supposed to speak that way.

6) This game is het, yaoi and yuri friendly. Bashing of ANY of these will not be tolerated.

7) No god-modding. No controlling other player's characters. No making yourself invincible. It spoils the fun for other players if you do that.

8) Please remain active. You should aim to post at least once every two weeks. If you know you're going to be inactive for longer than this, please let us know so we can be sure you haven't just disappeared.

9) Be respectful to the other players. Any problems should be dealt with privately, and kept separate from the game.

10) Any questions, concerns, random stuff you'd like to know, should be addressed to istari_noir @ mailcity.com (without the spaces, obviously) or you can grab me on AIM when I'm on.

Play takes place through Livejournal and over AIM. Every character will have a personal journal which can be posted in, but main posts must be in 3rd person prose style. When posting, please put whether it is a closed or open thread, and who it is open to.

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[Location Description]

[List of Taken Characters]

Still interested? Then why not apply?

[Application Form]